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IWIN SERVICES spol. s r.o. is privately owned, multi-sector recruitment company, servicing its clients in Slovakia and Czechia since 2006.
"Our reputation is backed by satisfaction of dozens employers and hundreds of employees."

Main tasks of IWIN SERVICES:

  • to connect the interest of the professional staff with the correct employer
  • actively search for new human resources, expand the portfolio of professions offered and actively respond to market demands
  • to look for individuals who have the desire to work not only to improve their financial situation but also to develop their personality in the work process
  • in the form of a permanent employment relationship
  • strictly abide by laws and labour law, regulations and business ethics, health and safety rules, as well as environmental protection
  • pay attention to the needs and demands of clients and employees

IWIN SERVICES spol. s r.o. is company authorized to carry out agency activities:

  • IWIN SERVICES spol. s r.o. is the holder of a temporary agency employment license number: AA / 2007/22650/9412 / OISS of 18.05.2007
  • in the effort to improve the quality of our services, as well as the need to adapt to permanent legislation, IWIN SERVICES spol. s r.o. also obtained a permit for mediation of employment in the territory of the Czech Republic in the year 2014: MPSV-UP / 964/14 / ÚČR / 7 dated 14.05.2014 Headquarters of the Czech Republic in Prague